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What is Breast Cancer

One of our body’s amazing functions is the ability for cells to reproduce themselves so that growth and repair of body tissues is possible. Usually, cells reproduce by dividing themselves in an orderly and regular way. However, mutation or ‘abnormal changes’ in the genes within body cells that control and regulate the growth of cells and keep them healthy can cause some genes to overwork, causing uncontrolled growth of cells. These growths or tumours...

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Break through news

Scientists have discovered that extracts from a plant found in arid regions of India and Pakistan can kill cancerous cells and produces no harmful side-effects associated with chemotherapy. 
Tea from the plant known as
Virgin’s mantle is already drunk by women in rural Pakistan who have breast cancer, the Daily Mail reported. Researchers from Aston University, Birmingham, and Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley, found that..

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Research Says

  • laboratory tests shows that fagonia cretica tea extraact arrested the growth of breast cancer cells within 5 hours of intake and   caused them to die within 24 hours. 
  • An aqueous extract of it induces dna damage, cell cycle and adoption in breast cancer cells via foxo3a and p53 expression. 
  • It restores body energy so reduce fatigue and other associated symptoms of breast cancer.

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